Making my way….

As I sit here waiting for my body to heal from a fall I took a week ago leaving me with a mild concussion I decided to make use of this WordPress Blog system.  Trust me after a week I’m feeling a lot better.  Lots of rest, epsom salt baths, ibuprofen, IV Vitamin Infusion (highly recommended), and homeopathic remedies of arnica and tremeel I’m well on my way~

It’s exciting to finally have some time to put this WordPress together.  I intend to add when I can to make it fun for you all to stop by and visit.  It’s nice to stop at a place that is inspiring.  My hope is that you are inspired by my work and my little blogs from time to time. 

Today I will be sure to get a few of each “one of kind” or “limited edition” Wine Totes and Hands-Free Bags made today.  Thanks to a wonderful volunteer who helps me out once in a while.  Jan has helped me take my little business to the next level.  After-all being overwhelmed is not a good thing.  She has helped me to not be overwhelmed.  Thank you Jan! 

It’s funny the things that inspire me.  I love to walk into my shop and see how I have it set up.  It’s not what you think!  I’ve been told it’s an organized mess!  I agree to some extent, however it’s comforting to me.  With all the fabric on shelves and carpet on the floor makes for a cozy basement.  My little space heater keeps me cozy as these chilly days approach.  My husband was sure to find a little flat screen TV for me to listen to fun shows like The Today Show.  I have to admit I love listening to I Love Lucy on MeTV!  Oh and the Donna Reed Show is a classic too.  You have to admit all of this is better than listening to the news.  There is something to say for being in my own world of sewing, creating, developing my fabric made bags, totes and hair accessories.  I make my way every day to that cozy quiet spot that inspires me to do what I love.  I hope you stop by to see what’s new…and yes I’ll post on here where you can find Sacs de Chiffon locally.  Stay tuned…..I hope you make your way today doing what you love…Cheers!


About Sacs de Chiffon par Cindy

Cindy learned the art of sewing and the unique passion for textiles at a very young age. Her first experience using a needle and thread came from her childhood, creating what she calls "Pixie Dolls" (made from felt) at the age of seven, with her mother. Cindy's great grandfather was a tailor and the owner of House of Gardner in the late 1800’s. House of Gardner was located in the Industrial Park Plaza Building in downtown Providence. Cindy's love of textiles and creating art from rescued fabric, stems from her childhood years and carried through high school, where she tailored her first "Vogue" dress (of soft pink wool). Cindy's passion for creating unique designs, her eye for quality fabric and her background in sewing has remained a focus throughout her life. Her current endeavors include; creating handbags from rescued high-end upholstery fabrics, developing the “Hands-Free / Across the Chest, shoulder bag " as well as "Truly Unique Wine Baskets", being sold locally in Wine Shops. These items have not only been successful, but have been another avenue for Cindy to showcase her talents. Her wine baskets are not only uniquely designed from rescued upholstery fabric , but are personalized by the addition of antique buttons that she has included from her grandmothers "button box" giving an additional heirloom quality to these beautiful works of art. Cindy's designs are not only multifaceted, but true creations that encompass wearable fashion, kitchen décor, and unusual gift ideas.
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